Do These Four Things..And No One Will Want To Work For You

Ken Filler
4 min readMay 30, 2020

Most major American corporations lead with their wallet, not their heart.

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Most corporations say that they value employees and are employee-focused. but I have found that to not be the case.

I have learned not to listen to what management tells you. Watch what they do. When what they are saying matches up with what they are telling you then we have what is called credibility.

They can tell you anything they want, but if their actions don’t match up with what they are saying, they are just typical management corporate hacks. More worried about self-preservation than doing the right thing by their employees.

Leaders are sorely lacking in soft skills.

What are soft skills?

Soft Skills are a combination of people skills and the ability to communicate your habits and leadership skills.

Soft skills are what will set you apart as a leader. Soft Skills are more important than trust and more important than communication.

If you never master the art of treating the people the way they want to be treated, you will never be successful long term as a leader.

Isn’t it amazing how many people with a lack of good people skills or soft skills get promoted to a leadership position? It is stunning that in 2020 we are still more concerned with the hard skills than the soft skills leaders display when interacting with people.

The reputation that you and your organization have for treating people the right way can play a big role in a potential employees decision to join your organization. IT MATTERS MORE THAN MONEY.

Most leaders lack the ability to listen.

God gave us two ears and one month so we can and should listen twice as much as we talk. You never learn anything when talking, you only learn when you are listening. This includes those in leadership positions.

When you listen as a leader, things happen. It lets people know that they are important, that their opinion does matter, and that they are valued.



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