Are You Part Of The Great Resignation?

Ken Filler
5 min readApr 15, 2022

4.4 Million people quit their jobs in February, while unemployment remains the lowest it has been since 1969.

The great resignation continues month after month as employees are quitting their jobs in droves and transitioning to new careers or making lateral moves to companies down the street.

According to Fortune magazine, over 4.4 million people quit their jobs in February, the ninth consecutive month we have seen those numbers.

According to the department of labor, unemployment numbers remain the lowest since 1969, coming in at 3.6% for March.

The employees that are resigning or quitting their jobs are going somewhere. They are not just sitting at home on the couch watching Netflix and collecting an unemployment check.

Many find new opportunities down the street or at another company that offers higher wages, a better quality of life, and more flexible work options.

Some are starting their side hustle and creating their perfect work-life balance. They set their schedule, can work when they want to, and make sure that they are present for all those significant events in life.

What is driving this great resignation or, as some people have called it, the great re-set?

In short, this great re-set began with the COVID-19 pandemic.

As the world economy shut down and many employees were forced to work from home, this opened up many people’s eyes to how much more time they had in the day and how working from home positively impacted their work-life balance.

The second reason for the great re-set is what I would call a great dissatisfaction with their present job and the company they work for. Employees have not been valued the way they should be by their employers.

In many cases, poor working conditions, low wages, and raises(if given by companies) were not enough to keep up with inflation. Requiring employees to do the maximum amount of work for the least amount of pay is not a recipe for success.

An executive at an Applebee’s franchisee group Wayne Pankratz was fired recently over a leaked email. According to a report in Restaurant Business, Pankratz wrote that higher gas prices would…

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