Are You Living In The Gap Or The Gain?

Comparison Is The Thief Of Joy — Theodore Roosevelt.

Ken Filler
4 min readApr 26, 2022

Do you find yourself comparing yourself to those around you?

Do you find yourself feeling like you’re not moving forward in your life and business.

It could be that you are living with a gap mentality. Not taking the time to recognize and appreciate all the gains that you have made in your life or business over the last year.

I recently read a great book called The Gap and the Gain by Dr. Benjamin Hardy and Dan Sullivan. It helped transform my thinking from a person who was never happy with results to a person appreciating the gains in their life and living a happy life.

Dan Sullivan and Dr, Benjamin Hardy.

This book had such a positive effect on my thinking and outlook that if I could make it required reading for every individual and every business around the world, I would.

According to Dr. Hardy, the gap is “a toxic mindset that stops people from being happy and appreciating their lives.”.

Many business leaders lead their businesses with a gap mentality. Whatever success they have in their business is never good enough. The P@L line may see an increase of five million dollars, but because the goal and projected profit were ten million dollars, they are not happy and fail to…



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