You can reach your goals in 2021 by following these simple steps

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Have you set your goals for 2021? Are they written down? Are they in a place where you can see them every day to encourage you to keep grinding and striving to reach those goals?

Many of you refer to these as New Years Resolutions. Resolutions are wishes, something that you would like to do. Goals have more components to them, which makes it easier to hold yourself accountable.

Ashira Prossack writing in Forbes magazine, says that “Goals are specific, whereas resolutions tend to be broad and vague…

MLB strikes out in decsion to move All-Star game out of Atlanta.

Rob Manfred courtesy of USA Today

Major League Baseball announced last week that they are pulling the All-Star Game out of Atlanta, Georgia, in 2021. The reason? Georgia voted to implement a new voter law that makes it illegal to offer snacks and water to folks standing in line to vote, along with requiring an ID.

The new voting law is said to be racist because a voter ID will be required when voting.

Again it is the everyday hard-working middle-class families that will suffer the ramifications of this decision. This proves that big…

You can get that dream job by following these five simple steps.


It has been one year since the Corona Virus pandemic devastated the economy worldwide and here in the United States.

As we move past the first anniversary of the pandemic, unemployment is beginning to drop, and companies are starting to ramp up their hiring efforts.

In March alone, there were 916,000 jobs added to the US Economy. In Florida, unemployment is hovering around four percent as the hospitality industry begins to rebound.

Many of us have struggled to find work in this last year. …

Four Ways Journaling Leads To Better Health

I’ll admit. I have tried to start a journaling habit and have never been able to stay consistent.

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Even though journaling benefits are well known, many people do not take the time to develop a journaling habit.

Researchers have discovered many new benefits of journaling three to five days a week for 15 minutes.

Journaling has proven to be good for both your mental health and emotional health.

We all know about the positive effects of journaling. Journaling helps us organize our thoughts better. …

You can take back control over your job search. However, you must be willing to do these five simple things to increase your chances of getting that dream job.

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The unemployment rate is hovering around 10% according to the latest statistics that were released on Friday.

Every day it seems that we inundated with more bad news of layoffs and companies closing their days.

There are many talented people out of work and the job openings that are posted are swamped with thousands of job applicants.

Many people have been furloughed or laid off, while many people are looking to…

You cannot expect to live a rich and rewarding life without hard work and putting in a good effort.

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The harsh reality is in life, you get what you deserve, not what you want.

It is when what we deserve matches with the effort that we put in that we get what we want and what we deserve.

This is also known as karma.

You are living a life that you have earned. …

Nobody can give you peace but yourself. — Success magazine.

It seems it is getting harder and harder to have peace of mind. These last few months have been challenging for everyone. Everywhere we turn someone seems to be saying or doing something outrageous to get our attention.

Turn on the news, and in five minutes someone will say something that will make your head want to explode.

All this is a distraction. It is a distraction taking your mind away from your top priorities and having you think and focus on stuff that you have no control over.

It is time we regain our peace. Gain control over your…

I have been writing on Medium for three months now and have made a whopping $1.26

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I have written a total of 50 articles. 35 on personal development, and 15 on leadership.

I have not been curated , nor have I written for any of the big publications on Medium.

I have been a leader for 20 plus years of my career, and am passionate about that topic. I got into personal development around 20 years ago. I wanted to gain some insight into how to be a better person and work on developing some simple life strategies.

20 years…

“Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.” William James

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The most common phrase everyone seems to utter is “I don’t have enough time.”

I don’t have enough time for my family. I don’t have time to exercise. I don’t have time for myself and just recharge my batteries.

A lot of that is just poor priority management. You notice I said priority management, not time management.

As the great John Maxwell says there is no such thing as time management. Time will manage itself whether or not we do anything or not. What we have is a priority problem.

We don’t prioritize the right things in our lives which…

“If you don’t love what you do, you won’t do it with much conviction or passion.”-Mia Hamm

Why do we stay in jobs we hate? That is the question you need to ask yourself.

There is a story told of a man out for his evening walk. As he walked down the street, he saw a dog laying on the porch howling and whimpering.

It sounded like the dog was in some kind of pain and needed some medical attention.

The guy walked up to the dog and could not see anything physically wrong with the dog that would cause…

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